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NDIS Inclusive Family Services
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Support Independent Living (SIL)

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Family Inclusive Services

For many participants, the journey through NDIS is one that includes their family and close relationships.

VIA Care can provide a family-inclusive model of care which recognises the impact that disability can have on partners, children and parents and includes them throughout our service delivery.

All our support staff receive ongoing professional development in family-inclusive practice, trauma informed care and the impact of disability on family networks. This training means the core supports being delivered are done so in a sensitive and holistic way that fits with the participant’s family circumstances.

We will continue our core support delivery throughout family changes, such as when participants are navigating family court or supporting participants maintain their safety whilst dating and forming relationships.
When providing SIL

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Multi-Lingual Services

We work closely with cultural communities to provide services in the native language of NDIS participants. We recognise that cultural and language barriers can create anxiety and difficulty to take up services. In response we are proud to offer multi-lingual support coordination and individual support services.

We currently have staff who can speak:

If you require a service in a language not listed here please contact us as we are constantly expanding our mutli-lingual services.

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Flexible Support

NDIS Participants can at times experience significant life events and periods of transition. Transition and life changes can include:

Providing workforce training

VIA Care supports our participants through times of transition by making our delivery of core supports flexible and working with your needs. During period of transition we will work with you to plan ahead of time, support a care team approach and flex our supports around anticipated and emerging needs, in line with the wishes of participants.

As guided by our client’s needs and wishes and working within the NDIS plan, we make sure that all the support we offer adapts to support any periods of change our clients go through. Some of the ways we ensure our delivery of core supports meets changing needs can include:

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Education Driven Practice

VIA Care has a strong partnership with the Victorian International Academy which allows us to embed continuous education in all our practice, support participants through their education, and organise tailored training for community members and partners.

When the needs of our participants change we work to maintain the continuity of support by training existing support workers to meet these needs.

With access to education professionals we can support participants with their education and assist them in navigating further education opportunities.