Participant Support Plans in the NDIS

NDIS registered organisations providing care to NDIS participants are strongly encouraged to develop a support plan (also often referred to as "care plans") holistically around the participants needs, supports, and goals.

Support plans would include things such as:

- General details of the participant (such as age, gender, demographic).

- Contact details of family, next of kin, and supports.

- Their personal, social, medical and care needs.

- Goals, aspirations, and steps to achieve them.

- Day to day routines and preferences.

- Risk assessments and mitigation.

Furthermore, the NDIS has introduced the practice standard surrounding Emergency and Disaster Management. This means that all NDIS providers are required to have measures in place for all their participants in the event of an emergency or disaster.

This would mean to include Emergency and Disaster Management in the current participant's Support Plan. And depending on complexity of the needs surrounding a participant, the Support Plan could either be general or robust. It is best practice to develop the Support Plan in consultation with the participant to drive choice and control and for care staff to fully understand and be confidently equipped to provide the care to the participant. Support plans should also be reviewed on a regular cycle (whether monthly, annually, or periodically).

At VIA Care we work in consultation with the participants to ensure they set the pace of their every need, preferences, and goals. We understand that not all things set to plan comes into place and we need to be prepared for things and events outside our control and at the same time ensure the continuation of supports.

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