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Family Inclusive Services

For many participants, the journey through NDIS is one that includes their family and close relationships.

VIA Care can provide a family-inclusive model of care which recognises the impact that disability can have on partners, children and parents and includes them throughout our service delivery.

All our support staff receive ongoing professional development in family-inclusive practice, trauma informed care and the impact of disability on family networks. This training means the core supports being delivered are done so in a sensitive and holistic way that fits with the participant’s family circumstances.

Every family situation is different and we wrap our core support services around your unique situation. Some of the family-inclusive practices we offer include:

  • Collaborating and aligning with other family supports involved with the family and working in a care-team approach

  • Supporting participants and families understand the impact of disability on social and family relationships, and implementing appropriate responses and referrals to targeted supports such as play or family therapy

  • Supporting parents of children with disability to monitor their own health and wellbeing

  • Supporting parents discuss and understand the upcoming developmental changes and challenges as their children progress to adulthood

  • Supporting parents with disability to maintain their parenting role and foster strong parent-child attachment

  • Supporting participants prepare for parenthood and offering to work in partnership with maternal child health and other infant services following the birth of a child.

We will continue our core support delivery throughout family changes, such as when participants are navigating family court or supporting participants maintain their safety whilst dating and forming relationships.

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If you require personal assistant services for your disabilities, the special needs personal assistants at VIA Care are available to provide personal aid for disabled people. Feel free to contact us by calling 03 9118 8225 for further information on how we can help.

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