Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

Daily Personal Activities Including High Intensity

Supporting Daily Personal Activities means delivering carers who assist participants with any daily task they find challenging when unsupported, including personal care, dressing and moving around the home and undertaking regular household tasks. 

High Intensity Supports are services delivered where a participant has much higher and complex needs which require a higher degree of skills, training and supervision. With our history in training we can assemble a team and have our training professionals ensure they are properly equipped to deal with any number of co-morbid needs.

High intensity supports includes supporting participants in their day to day life who require strict adherence to health management, medical or behaviour support plans or a combination of all three. 

VIA Care can deliver supports guided by a Behaviour Support Plan, can manage intensive sensory and communication needs and is accustomed to integrating intensive medical supports into 24 hour rosters of support work.

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If you require personal assistant services for your disabilities, the special needs personal assistants at VIA Care are available to provide personal aid for disabled people. Feel free to contact us by calling 03 9118 8225 for further information on how we can help.

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Our specialist team is ready to meet you in person and discuss your needs to provide you with the best support to achieve your goals. Contact us today to arrange an appointment