Welcome to VIA CARE

VIA Care is a registered NDIS Service Provider with a team of highly trained and empathetic caregivers ready to support you and your loved ones. We provide a range of short and long term supports, including Support Independent Living (SIL) and overnight support, support coordination and plan management.

VIA Care grew out of the Victorian International Academy which has delivered training for over ten years. VIA provides accredited training in Disability, Aged Care and Community Support. VIA Care was launched by combining experienced nursing and care professionals with graduates who are passionate to deliver care and support with a personal touch to address a gap in the market for genuinely individualized care.

With training in our DNA we are continually investing in best-practice training and can rapidly upskill our staff to meet client needs. At VIA Care we work closely with you to ensure our service is empowering and tailored to you. As part of our personalized approach, each support staff receives an individualized participant induction of every client for best practice care and support. For clients with particular care needs we can provide targeted training to the staff who support them. Because we can rapidly train existing staff in new skills, we can meet the changing needs and goals of participants without having to change workers. As guided by you we can work collaboratively with the services, people, and family around you.

We deliver a CALD workforce that respects everyone’s beliefs. We provide a culturally inclusive service and with strong links across Victoria’s multicultural communities and strive to deliver staff who speak your language and understand your culture.

How Can You Contact Us?

Our specialist team is ready to meet you in person and discuss your needs to provide you with the best support to achieve your goals. Contact us today to arrange an appointment